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Our student dorm

Welcome to the website of "Türmlihuus", the most social student dorm in Winterthur. Türmlihuus, being part of the old town wall in Winterthur, is the last place where one of the former watchtowers is still visible. Today, it's used as a bowfront / terrace in the 4th floor. The building is therefore already a bit older, parts of it even heritage-protected. In contrast to modern and functional built houses, our student dorm exudes a very unique feel of ease and comfort. In some places, you can find stucco on ceilings and walls, not quite even floors and partly older interiour. Our student dorm is located at "Technikumstrasse 36" in "8400 Winterthur" next to the "Technikum" bus station. It's thereby near the city center of Winterthur (within 5-10 minute walking distance from the main train station).

Our rooms

Our student dorm consists of 32 partly furnished rooms with 28 of them having their own sink. The rooms, that range from 12 to 20 squaremeters in size, cost between 500 and 650 Swiss Francs per month.

You can find the following shared infrastructure in our house:

  • A big terrace in the 4th floor as well as 2 smaller balconies in the 1st and 2nd floor
  • 2 laundry rooms with a washing machine, a tumbler and drying racks / clothesline ropes
  • 2 big kitchens for 13 rsp. 15 room tenants, a small kitchen for the 4 ground floor room tenants
  • A big living room in the first floor with tables to learn, a printer/copier and scanner, a TV-corner and a piano
  • 2 toilets, 2 showers and 1 urinal per floor
  • A music room with a second piano, drumset and a library
  • A student bar in the cellar, which can be rented by room tenants for a lower price
  • A smoking lounge in the basement with table-soccer and billiard
  • A workbench in the cellar as well as an attic above the 4th floor

Interior design

Living room with TV-corner

The big kitchen in the 2nd floor

The cooktop in the 2nd floor kitchen

One of our 32 student rooms (18 squaremeters)

One of our 32 student rooms (13.5 squaremeters)

Our big terrace in the 4th floor

Smoking-lounge with table-soccer and billiard

Shower and toilet

News from our student home Türmlihuus

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