• The student life in "Türmlihuus"
  • Our social life
  • Our life together
  • WOKO: Rental and administration "Türmlihuus"
  • Vacant rooms

The student life in "Türmlihuus"

Photographer: Enzo Lopardo

Jam-Session on Zinne

Cooking together

Christmas in "Türmli"


Mariokart in the living room

Our social life

"Türmlihuus" is shaped by us 32 students, who make sure, that our house is not just an ordinary student dorm, but almost like one of those camp houses, that brought us so many beautiful and sometimes wicked childhood and youth memories :D. Our everyday life is regularly shaped by movie and game-nights, jam-sessions as well as easy and deep conversations / discussions about everything and anything. Several projects like the redesign and painting of two rooms, the setup of an open air cinema on our terrace and finding new potential sources of income for our in-house-purchases are part of our social life.

The highlight is our annual "Türmli"-party, the largest shared-apartment party of Switzerland, where our entire house gets transformed into a huge club with bars, dancefloors and beerpong. We offer a very unique athmosphere to our guests, while we are able to reinvest parts of our income from that night into necessary things for our house.

Besides those in-house activities, we also join in on leisure activities by going out together into clubs, to amusement parks, to swimming pools or on a hike. For more insights feel free to follow @turmlihuus on Instagram.

Our life together

Apart from the domiciliary duties that need to be done when someone is part of a shared home, we live by the liberal/libertarian principle regarding interpersonal relations: Everyone has the freedom to do whatever they want, as long as they don't try to restrict someone else's freedom to do so. This applies to political opinions, views on health, sexual preferences, eating habits and religious beliefs.

Rental and administration "Türmlihuus"

The rooms in our student dorm Türmlihuus Winterthur are rented out by "WOKO Student Housing Cooperative". The structures inside the house as well as the room tenant recriutment are organized and managed by the room tenants themselves as well as the house responsible person. 

Vacant rooms

Vacant rooms become available on a regular basis, especially between the semesters. Most of the renter turnovers in Summer take place at the end of July / beginning of August, vacant rooms from September on are substantially less likely. Some vacancies might be announced on the WOKO-Website (together with other rooms from the WOKO properties), but people who apply from this Website directly will be informed about them earlier. You also need to be a matriculated student to be able to move into our house, and the minimum stay is 6 months.

If you're interested in joining our Türmli-community, then you can apply here. We only consider applications that are sent to us not earlier than 3 months before the targeted moving in date. That way, short-term applicants have the chance of moving into our place as well.